Colorado Web Cam at Lake Fork Marina on Blue Mesa Reservoir Live!

This used to Blue Mesa Fishing's live web cam perched at top the of Lake Fork Cabins over looking Lake Fork Marina in Gunnison Colorado. The property where this awesome webcam has been sold to new owners. The cam should be up sometime in 2013 but we have no updates at this time. If it's anything like our old webcam in the same location, it will give you an accurate fishing forecast for Blue Mesa Reservoir. Blue Mesa Fishing does however use the National parks service web cam and you can find it by searching Lake fork Marina web cam/ park service and it will come up. The webcams are great for seeing the changing conditions and ice pack for fishing guide trips on Blue Mesa Reservoir from Lake Fork Marina. The park service does own and operate this Webcam which is helpful for our clients and fisherman. Thank you for visiting Blue Mesa Reservoir Fishing Guide website which will provide fisherman with as much information as possible for the Home of Colorado's largest Kokanee Salmon population.

This link no longer works currently, but check back in 2013 to see if it's live. When it is:
Cick on the still photo below. Press GO in the upper center part of the Colorado web Cam page. The images must load first, then press Play on the bottom of the screen. You can control the images by pressing faster and slower. It's tough to figure out but priceless once you get it. This Blue Mesa Reservoir doesn't have high speed internet so the webcam is recording in time lapse.

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