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Package Price for Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Trips

If you need any further information or have questions about fishing guide trips, please contact the BMFG Network, or any of the local area guides for the hottest fishing days at the best prices!

Kokanee Salmon Trolling on Blue Mesa Reservoir

April(Ice Out) to Late September (No Snagging)

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This is the most consistent and sought after fishing window of the year!

A guided fishing trip Blue Mesa offers a great experience and package price to enhance any Colorado Fishing Vacation at Blue Mesa Reservoir! The price of our guided trips are competitive with all the area fishing guides that fish for Kokanee Salmon. You will meet at the Elk Creek or Lake Fork boat ramp on Blue Mesa Reservoir as early as you can. The Fishing Guides prefer an early launch, but will accommodate any fishing schedule! Bring sun block, a light lunch and beverages. Most trips will range form 4-6 hours with the hopes of getting happy fisherman back to the fillet station by 12pm. We will then fillet and process your catch to store in your cooler- please bring ice or purchase some at the marina!

Kokanee Trolling in blue mesa

Blue mesa weather can be rainy and warm, windy and cold in the morning, and then hotter than a smoked kokanee in any given afternoon- So be prepared with all kinds of clothing! Wecan make special stops at the boat ramp so you can stretch your legs and use the bathroom. On average, trips will run from six to eight hours - depending on the mood and location of the fish. Possession of all bag limits is allowed and encouraged, so store a cooler, ice and some bags in your vehicle for fresh salmon and trout Fillets. You can fillet your own fish, have an experienced guides fillet them for you, or help your fishing guide. We will fillet your fish at no extra charge- it's included in the price. All of the fishing guide boats will have a cooler on the boat so you need not bring one for fish Smaller coolers are encouraged for your food and drink. Pack all your personal belongings in a small backpack or similar sized bag and bring as little extra fluff as possible.

Trophy Kokanee Fishing

August 1st to Mid-September

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This is the most extreme Kokanee Salmon fishing window of the year!

Kokanee Jigging in blue mesa

You can meet your Blue Mesa Fishing Guide at the Elk Creek boat ramp around 8am. The trophy kokanee salmon bite can start later than the traditional kokanee salmon trolling season. The good news is that this season gives fishing guides a chance to catch up on some sleep. So your guide will always be well rested (very rare) and have alot of energy and enthusiasm to put you on more fish and Catch Limits! Plan on meeting at the boat ramp in the morning for these trophy kokanee salmon fishing trips. We will motor as fast as we can right to the fishing grounds and start looking for schools of kokanee salmon. This is the best way to experience trophy salmon fishing. Hire a skilled guide with a nice boat, that is equipped with all the right tackle and gear! So, as soon as you and your fishing guide reach the fishing grounds, the fishing begins. The captain will find fish, put you over top of schools of fish, and then ask you to drop your baits and hang on. These trips can be a quick way to catch your limit, but other times we work hard to fill your limit due to a lengthy hunt or finicky fish. Again, Bring a lunch and beverages and a few items of clothing for adverse weather. Pack light to maximize deck space and leave a cooler with ice in your vehicle for salmon fillets. Possession of all bag limits is allowed!

Lake Trout Fishing

Ice out! (Late March to June 15th)

Bring your patience and optimism to catch trophy Lake Trout!

We usually meet at the Lake Fork Marina as early as possible. Be prepared to fish all day for Lake Trout because sometimes it takes all day to catch and land your trophy Fish. Bring plenty warm clothes and gloves(an array of clothes for freezing temps in the morning hours. Also be prepared to hug a large, wet Lake Trout, so bring a rain jacket for that. We recommend you also bring food and beverages for s full day. On these types of fishing guide trips, you have realize this is big game, trophy trout fishing. We are trying to put you in contact with the lake trout of a lifetime. Huge fish don't always stack up for non-stop catching so one fish at 30lbs is considered excellent! Around 1pm, when peak fishing slows, we can cast the shoreline for brown trout to finish out each trip with a limit of tasty, cold brown trout!
LAKE TROUT DISCLAIMER: Many fishing guides offer trips to fish for lake trout. Many fishing guides often catch trophy fish, but unfortunately, these fish can't be gauranteed on every trip. Trohpy Lake Trout Fishing Guides cannot offer discounts due to fishing conditions or fish mood because the costs of running a guide trip do not diminish, regardless of the fishing. Thank you for your understanding.

Lake Trout in blue mesa fishing guide for lakers

At Blue Mesa Reservoir the Lake Trout state record gets broken or challenged nearly every year, once if not twice! Everyone fishing for Lake Trout has a chance to land a trophy of a lifetime, and will be videoed and photographed with a fish of your lifetime. Generally, a few lake trout can be caught on these trips. We will catch native Colorado Lake Trout around 20 pounds and into the 30's. We will also ecounter a variety of trophy brown trout and rainbow trout. These kind of trophy trips will test your patience and skill, but the reward is an experience unsurpassed by most Western Colorado fishing! The package price for these trips are based on the gas, lures and time it takes to effectively target these fish. The fishing guides on Blue Mesa Reservoir give every trip 110%, but that does not garauntee a trophy Lake Trout every trip.

Colorado Ice Fishing

December 1st to April

1-2 Persons $275.00 per day

3 Persons $325.00 per day

50.00 each additional person

If you love open water fishing, you'll fall in love with Ice Fishing!

Ice Fishing on the Blue Mesa Reservoir during guided ice fishing trips

Our ice fishing guides Ice Fish Blue Mesa Reservoir, Harvey Gap State Park and Rifle Gap State Park. We travel up and down these lakes trying locate schools of fish and keeping up with the bite. Because of this, the meeting place can be anywhere. Sometimes we will simply walk to the fishing grounds from the parking lot, and other times we will take snowmobiles out to distant hot spots. These fishing guide trips are generally half day trips with the peak fishing activity occurring 7am to 11am on most days. A day of ice fishing is a great way to catch quality eating fish for the price of a fishing guide trip- you may catch a 1 pound rainbow trout or a 20 pound lake trout! The ice fishing experience is enhanced by using tents, heaters and electronics to help you catch more fish comfortably. Ice fishing in Colorado may sound a but crazy, but we recommend you try it once, because you will hooked!

Fly Fishing the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River & Cebolla Creek

Package Prices are for Mid June to November

1 Person $225.00 half day

2 Persons $285.00 half day

3 Persons $380.00 half day

1 Person $285.00 whole day

2 Persons $345.00 whole day

3 Persons $445.00 whole day

Fly Fishing Lake Fork blue mesa flyfishing guide

Try to meet as early as you can at Lake City bridge. If you live in Lake City, Colorado and want to experience a guided Fly Fishing trip during your Colorado vacation, this a great guided fishing trip for the time, price and FISH involved! Bring all the fishing gear you have for wading/river fishing. Waders, rods, vests, reels, raincoat are all things to bring if you have them- if not, we will provide you with what fishing equipment you will need for a day of fly fishing. You will meet your gfishing uide near the lake city bridge where the Gunnison river meets Blue Mesa Reservoir. We will begin your trip on any number of hot spots where the fishing has been the strongest and most consistent. Your Blue Mesa Fishing Guide will outfit you with the hatch of the day, instructions, technique and any other help, such as netting fish and taking pictures. Most fish will be released to protect the populations of trophy native trout and soon-to-be trophy trout that live and migrate in the Gunnison and surrounding Rivers. Exceptions will be made for smaller fish to fill your limit and that make a great dinner. We can meet using our vehicle or yours at the fishing grounds near by. Please pack a lunch and beverages in a cooler and bring with you in whatever car or truck we end up fishig in.

Fly Fishing The Gunnison River in a drift boat

Mid June to November

$350.00 a day early a.m. or late p.m. trip

(5 hours fish time)

*Maximum of 3 people

This is Gunnison Colorado fly fishing at it's Best! You will float the Gunnison river fly fishing drift boat with some of Gunnison's best and most successful fly fishing guides. We will meet at various launch sites on the Gunnison River depending on the flows for that day.

Gunnison River Fly Fishing guide service

Feel free to bring your all your gear, your best flies, beverages and comfortable clothes depending on the weather. These trips will target trophy browns and rainbows, and kokanee salmon depending on the time of the season. We will provide all necessary equipment you may need throughout the day. Travel time can be up to 20 minutes and when we reach the fishing grounds we will either anchor up and cast the river, drift and cast, or hot shot the shore line. Most of these trips are half day trips and can pull out around noon, or 8pm - although we have never left an all day hatch or have ever left "em biting! Plan to catch fish and bring a camera to record the memory forever. Catch and release is practiced in these waters with the exception of a medium sized fish for a delicious dinner.

LAKE POWELL Master Class Seminar

April to November

$500.00 per party

Includes: • Maps • Launch sites • Fishing spots • Lure selection • Detailed habits of all lake fish • Unguided trip to the hottest spots

Stripers at lake powell master class information and powell fishing school

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Service has suspended this trip and package price to Lake Powell until further notice. The price of gasoline has limited to budget of these trips. This doesn't mean you shouldn't still fish Lake Powell. In the spring Farley Canyon offers an incredible array of species to catch. In the heat of the summer, stripers school up at Moki canyon and Bull Frog Marina. In the fall, striper city heats up at the mouth of Hite canyon. Go and enjoy the scenery and great fishing opportunities at Lake Powell!

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Services