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Fishing in Colorado- Get Ready for the Excitement of High Altitude Fishing!

At the BMFG Network, we love living in Colorado, and love Fishing in Colorado as much as you do! This love has fueled this company for over a decade and the fish have obliged.... most of the time! Our Network has been fishing at almost every lake in Western Colorado for over 10 years, doing the hard time to pattern up and put 'em in the boat. We aim to answer questions like where to go fishing, when, how and with what!! Along with the great experiences of fishing in high altitude lakes in Colorado, has come knowledge, success, challenges and lots of catching. The BMFG network will now share all of our knowledge and will help you answer the question of Where to go Fishing, how big and how many- all in Colorado!
Our sites and pages are more geared towards the fishing community, giving help to anyone that needs it, to catch more fish, more often. The usual story is that we spend all of our money on fishing gear, gas, baits, boats and time traveling to get to lake. When we get there, you hope the bite is on, the weather is good and what's in your box works, where your fishing. This can create a lot of pressure and anxiety, which takes away from the enjoyment of fishing. In Colorado, it's more times than most that calm, clear weather days can produce the most consistent patterns and opportunity to catch fish. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case; most lakes open for fishing in Colorado, are in wind zones or are unnatural impoundments. To add, the big reservoirs, like Blue Mesa, are cold water environments, conducive to trout and salmon habitat. This translates to that on the warm summer days that we love to go fishing: the fish are deep.
This intro to fishing in Colorado and the nature of the lakes should set the stage for your fishing adventures. When you understand how a particular lake functions throughout the year, you can plan your attack to reveal the pattern and start catching. More importantly, you can identify or predict where to go fishing, and this is all part of a skilled anglers' arsenal. So, back to cold reservoirs! The fish there are very in tune with the environment, and this environment is divided by layers: Layers of water, separated by temperature. The fish set up in different layers according to the time of year and water temperature. The fish can be very finicky, and its helped our Network to experience and fish through situations like these 20 times or more, honing our arsenal to beat a tough bite.
Tough bites and hot bites, incorporated with time of year really define where to go fishing on a given day. The Network has hot spots that we stumbled upon during times of experimentation- hot spots always hold fish. And we JUST AS MANY hot spots that were the product of calculated approach that yielded positive confirmation of an approach or tactic. This is what we want to help you do: Present your baits, in the right area, at the right depth, at the right time. If the fish don't oblige, there's nothing else you can do but enjoy your time on the water.
Keep this frame of mind and move ahead to techniques and info, and we will get back to exactly where to go fishing, and what tis does for an anglers game.

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Services