Fishing Reports July2011

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Eliminating Questions Marks

Sat, 07/30/2011

Fishing has been steady aon Blue in the Iola bason. Schools can be trolled 20-40 early and then follow them down on your graph- watermellon assasin and then cycle lures like mad. A neat presentation I like is clamp a giant cowbell string on your d/r ball, and stack two single spinners 5-8 feet apart above them. Good light action, and attractant without the weight.
Anyway, Eliminating the question marks. There are 4 big question marks I always think about when starting a day of fishing/ koke trolling:
1. Location/presentation
2. Color
3. Speed
4. Depth

Now, as I mentioned before, the log has really helped me dial in location. The salmon make a fairly consistent movement every year, skimping on some location but always visiting them. This may be the most important tool in my arsenal. I have learned the location movements in many ways. Alot comes from the older guys that like helping anglers fish and were nice enough to send me to right area when my bite was dying- there's nothing worse than working your hardest with a slow pick, then face the cleaning station with anglers that cleaned house. This will make you nuts.
Also, networking with good guides and friends helped track the bite across the lake daily. This is the best info you can get and if you can get hourly updates, the info is incredible. the truth is if you talk to many anglers after a great day of fishing, they are most likely tired and will forget details and may inflate the catch, pattern or truth- we're all guilty of this. So, knowing the movements helps you get to fish quicker. Water temp and food source run the show. There will always be wild card, but take an average and always be ready to improvise. So, most of you know I operate out of Lake Fork Cabins from about memorial day to July 15th. Before Memorial day, I will slip up at Elk Creek.............. more to come.

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado

Here's where you need to start

Thu, 07/28/2011

Here is a snap shot of last years' reports. I have held a log book for over 4 years and it has proven consistent. Also , I can refer to it to gather location and depths in relation to water temp. This is priceless and ultimately eliminates some question marks. You'll here me use this term alot,- eliminate the questions bites. Now do remeber everyday is a new day, so you must be ready for the 'change up' - but I can draw alot of conclusions quickly from these reports- start a log book now.
Today- fishing decent in Steven's- 20-40 moving deeper, the bridge is good.
More tomorrow.
Also- BMFers= Blue Mesa Fishers, I like Bad mother F@#$ers better.

fishing reports
Kokanee Salmon reports

Giving Back to you, thank you!

Wed, 07/27/2011

Good day Bmf-ers, ( bad mother f*&^%ers, or blue mesa followers) Reports will continue tonight but with new reports. My fans have made this site a success and I am going to say thanks by giving it back. I will start daily blogs with how you can fill your coolers and learn how to get in the action on Blue Mesa Reservoir. My blog will begin to teach you methods, locations and baits to help you catch more fish consistently on Blue. For us guides, every day is a new day and we have to work hard to catch big. So I will write about how I became successful on the lake and teach you to be as well. We will start with the basics and finish with seasonal patterns starting the spring. This will give you enough info to get ready for next year and keep up with the current patterns. This info will then compiled into an e-book on how to unlock the mysteries of Blue Mesa Reservoir. If you save my content, there will be no need to purchase a copy, it will be here free.
This is my way of saying thanks to the 400+ people a day that hit this site and enjoy it and learn from it. The Information for fisherman pages will be largely expanded and steer you in the right direction. We'll begin in a day or two as I finish my outline for info presentation so stay with us. So, currently fishing is good and the water is high. 20-40feet in Iola right now is bringing it and the irons are producing deeper as well. This time of year you can really lean on the watermellon assasins by Rocky Mountain Tackle until the run, but be ready to change once the bite slows. Also, I want to say thanks to my lovely wife who you can imagine has put up with some incredible b/s involving me, and fish. So keep coming out and fishing, and fisherman, please take pics and submit reports and I will post your reports, everyone loves a success story, be well and fish on!!!

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado
cortney mcdougall gdowski

Enough with the non-sense- Get Ready

Fri, 07/22/2011

Continue to troll deep at the irons and shallow at Stevens- just follow the fleet. The reel action is about to start- Get Ready- (archives)

Jigging Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide

Super Lame Update

Tue, 07/19/2011

As many of you may know Blue Mesa Fishing is battling with the park service right now, thus lack of quality reports. What I do know is forget lake fork,- Cebola and Stevens are doing the best. Shallow in Stevens, deep at Cebolla (60fow) Reports will start kicking off during jigging season so don't forget about us, just be patient. Good days are in the mid teens landed right now. Loyal fans, I will call upon you for support in the near future so stay up with! FISH ON if the park service will let you!

Really interesting Information during an uninteresting time

Fri, 07/08/2011

This is from a fellow fisherman:

We haven’t met but I have enjoyed your site as I was researching fishing info for our trip to Blue Mesa last weekend. I thought you would enjoy the breakdown.

Boat rental at Blue Mesa = $200
Fuel for rental = $20.00
Cost of buying pop gear = $20.00
Squid Lures from rocky mt tackle = $10.00
Rod rental with lead core line = $16.00
Lunch and snacks = $30.00
Map of Blue Mesa = $10.00
12lb mono for spare rod = $10.00

Total Cost……. $316.00

Total Fish…….. 0

Cost of going with you 380.00 + tip / 2 people = $215 / person

Total Fish….. Probably more than 0

What a frustrating day on the lake. Got stuck ina small storm that generated 4 foot rollers over the bow of the pontoon boat and scared the hell out of my family. I think from now on we will use a guide. I paid 200/person on yellowstone lake and have reproductions on the wall of the 5-6lb yellowstone cutthroats we caught. All I have from this trip is a credit card receipt.

Have a good one… tight lines…


The Blue Crew

Fri, 07/01/2011

Hey crew, I first want to thank the loyal viewers for keeping up with report. It's really not much more than a blog intended to promote business and help fisherman coming into an area that lacks knowledge and information about great fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir. But, as result we're up to 300+ viewers a day and growing! Blue Mesa Fishing has been experiencing some problems as of recent and I am concentrating my energy to rectify them. Thus, reports will off for about another week. I do appreciate the support and know that I may call on my viewers for help in the upcoming weeks in one form or another. If this service has helped you, please keep that in mind. Nonetheless, fishing is still off the charts at Lake Fork. The salmon are big and are occupying all of the water column. Get out there, start deeper and put out your spread of colors. The first one that works- switch over. The schools are big and will give what ya want, but you have to work- these fish do not commit suicide. Thanks again and we'll update soon

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