Fishing Reports December 2010

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Ice Fish Colorado for Big Pike

Thu, 12/30/2010
King of all Crush Days!

We had the Young men out today and it was an all out ball out in Colorado! Approximately 100 perch were caught today, and that is being modest. 10", 11" -ers and one 13.5" Jalopy perch caught by Jeremy Young. It was non-stop. The Pike bite was hot to with 15 hookups but only 5 landed. Everything was biting hard today and full on blizzard didn't hurt a thing. This is one of the best trips so far with the second largest perch caught to my knowledge and a few slob pike! Owwwww!

Jalopy Perch
bucket of perch
yellow perch
Northern Pike
Ice Pike

Almost Jalopy Perch!

Wed, 12/29/2010
Quick Spank

Did a quick session this morning- good bye clear ice and easy travel- Snow is coming down fast and heavy! Nailed one Pike- hammer handle- my crew and I hit 30 perch mine being the biggest being 10.75"- the biggest so far out of Harvey this year! No special place or bait- tried something new and hit 'em. Harvey Gap is literally covered with perch on the bottom, once you hit the flat, you cannot not catch perch- big trip tomorrow- will keep ya updated- forget about Rifle Gap!

Colorado Gold

Another reason to ice fish Harvey Gap in Colorado!

Tue, 12/28/2010
Likin' the Pikin!

Harvey Gap reservoir is fishing well and the ice is getting better. 45% capped with solid acces from the shoreline. The dam is the safest place to enter but the boat ramp is coming! Perch galore, just started seeing crappie and bluegill- 6 pike caught today between 4 guys- I had 3!!
All fish caught deadsticked on cut bait with an a.m. bite- none jigging. John and Jeremey whooped up on nice sized perch (10") and lost a MONSTER pike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be checking a blog/forum all night tonight if you guys have legit questions about how, what, when, where... click the link:
or hit me on Twitter - TheBlueCaptain!

Bluemesafishing forum

pike fishing
Ice Pike


Tue, 12/28/2010

Forgot one!

Monster Pike

Perch and Pike Fishing Through the Ice in Colorado

Sun, 12/26/2010
Perch and Pike

Mad dog bite through the ice today with over 50 perch and 10 pike- and finally some 10 inchers- still small, but this will keep anyone happy until Rifle Gap freezes over. Small jigs and maggots did it with every hole giving something up. The pike were up to 12lbs and hitting good on the jig and deadstick sucker meat- The ice is noisy and looks like crap- but is very fishable.

Perch Ice Fishing
Pike Ice fishing

Colorado Ice Fishing

Sat, 12/25/2010
Merry Dink-mas!

Happy Holidays fisher-folks. Ice Fished Harvey today and it was OK- access is back and a bunch of places will get you on. Spanked dink perch and a dink pike- hot action, no crappie. It's action!

Colorado Ice Fishing Pike

Ice Fishing report of Harvey Gap in Colorado

Thu, 12/23/2010
Good to bad

I checked out the ice on Harv and it looks like crap- looks like April. Edges are very open and only about 30% of the lake is ice. A 10ft ladder looks like it would work but many of our holes never refroze so there is a danger there. But if ya fish it and don't fall in- send me an email and I'll go where you did!

Perch Fishing!

Mon, 12/20/2010
Wet, but catchin!

Report from John Young
Hi Cap, I fished today, along with about 20 others, in the rain, with the following results on Harvey Gap. The bad news was, only four perch, three dinks and one decent. I tried everything I had and only caught them on the small white tear drop, and was using a wax worm. The good news, I was the only one to catch anything within our area. I ran into a fellow from Denver who came over in the storm with his 14 year old son, in part because he saw your pike video on the internet.
I also caught my first pike, 19 incher, on my automatic fisherman, (sucker meat). I had one other one on and he got off at the hole. I’m going to use a little bigger hook for my stinger next time. That’s all for now, here’s to colder temperatures in the near future.

Colorado Ice fishing

Sun, 12/19/2010
Not fishin'- are You?

Didn't fish the Gap today but I heard there was good attendance which means good ice, and hopefully good Colorado Ice fishing. If ya nailed 'em- send me a pic- we will have a blog up this week where you can ask me about the gaps and where to fish, or tell me where to catch 'em!

Ice fishing Colorado

Fri, 12/17/2010
Another day, another fish

Hey guys, nothing special here- but here's the report. The ice is 75% great at Harvey Gap. You can get on the lake at the dam, right of the boat ramp, many points in between and the area opposite of the dam. My new protege Noah and I fished today and crushed perch- nothing special.... One pike, a couple of pounds maybe. So this is not a crazy report, just saying, Harvey is pretty safe- you will get on without a brigde or a plank- use your head and knock 'em dead!

Yellow Perch
See video

Good Pike action at Harvey Gap

Wed, 12/15/2010
Pike Time!

Good pike bite today at Harvey Gap. The ice was good, until the water starting coming over the ice. Tons of perch with a 6:1 ratio of decent fish to dinks. The banks are muddy and access is limited.

Nice pike caught through the ice jumps out the captain!

Pike ice fishing

Wed, 12/15/2010
Pike videos from Harvey Gap today

Harvey Gap State Park

Tue, 12/14/2010
Perch on!

Hot bite today with dinks filling the cooler. A couple perch at 10" but mobility is limited due to the terrible ice! The edges stink and the ice cracks with every step- not comforting! I broke off about a 5lb pike and no crappie! Fishing is limited with access at the North end- look for my 10ft tgi. It's starting!

See video

Blue Mesa Murder!

Tue, 12/14/2010
Brown Town

Turnipseed and the mad crew put in the time this weekend and crushed browns at Blue Mesa Reservoir. They caught over 120 fish in 2 days with many 5 pound browns. Mealworms and jigs killed it and it was hard to not catch fish! Crush!

Brown trout colorado

Sweet ! Trout fishing

Mon, 12/13/2010
Trout ice fishing

Hot bite on semi-secret lake- 24 fish upto 16". Rainbows mostly, but just hot action. Tons of plankton in the water and at times the fish wouldn't hit due to the amount of plankton!

 Trout Fishingin Colorado Colorado
trout fishing in Colorado
See video

Harvey Gap Fishing Report in Colorado

Sun, 12/12/2010
Dink Perch

Report ! Fished Harvey Gap Today with Sport fish Colorado. Edges were scary and ice was noisy but 4+ inches help us up. Only some of the lake was accessable- we started late and wailed on Dink perch with a 2 9"ers- lame but a start!

See video

Ice Fishing Harvey Gap December 12 report on Ice Fishing in Rifle Silt Colorado Lake Fishing Report Harvey Gap

Sun, 12/12/2010
Harvey Gap Ice Fishing Report

Fished Harvey Gap Today with Sport fish Colorado. Edges were scary and ice was noisy but 4+ inches help us up. Only some of the lake was accessable- we started late and wailed on Dink perch with a 2 9"ers- lame but a start!

See video

Colorado ice fishing report for Harvey and Rifle Gap State Park

Sat, 12/11/2010
Almost There!

Harvey Gap is so-so with local legend Alan Duncan and most likely Bill Wilson and crew fishing through the sketchy conditions. A six foot ladder did it for these guys and I saw fish flopping on the ice. I would tell the masses to wait but if you want to push the limits- you can. Rifle; wide open- boo!

 Colorado Ice fishing report

Harvey Gap Ice Fishing reports

Sat, 12/11/2010
Follow up

Pick of the day for Harvey Gap Perchin!

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado

Perch fishing at Harvey Gap

Sat, 12/11/2010

Perch Fishing

Fishing for perch on Harvey Gap

Colorado Ice Fish trip with rainbow trout

Thu, 12/09/2010
Slimey but Lively

Went to one of the before metioned lakes to brake the shakes and nailed 'em. Trout jumped out of the whole for 3 hours straight up to 16". No hogs but brookies and rainbows assaulted frostees and ratsos tipped with mealworms. What a day with the memory card sitting on my desk at home! I guess you'll have to take my word for it- a dink trout dream come true!

Rifle Gap Ice fishing report for Colorado and Harvey Gap Reservoir for safe ice

Sun, 12/05/2010
Almost there!

Checked out the stomping grounds and it's looking good. Rifle is completely open but has had skim ice on the cold mornings- pre this weekend. Harvey had 90% OK ice. Guys had been ice fishing the dam but it looks degraded since this warm front came in. One guy was fishing the north end and it looked safe, and pikey. Going to shoot for Wed to start the bite Pics coming.

Colorado Ice Fishing with BMF guide service for rainbow trout in the rocky mountains

Sat, 12/04/2010
1st Day Out!

First day out, nothing special but myself and associated clowns landed around 30 fish with no hogs to brag about.- but, no damage control and made it back no personal injury for once! Rifle and Harvey- not frozen!

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado

Fishing report colorado trout fish on the colorado river

Thu, 12/02/2010

We've been waiting for the ice and have lost hope at Powell. Trout fishing at the Colorado river has been consistent with big rainbows and a few browns. The action is slowing but by the time is drops out the ice will be on.

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado

current colorado fishing report for blue mesa reservoir catching brown trout

Thu, 12/02/2010
Brown Town

Turnipseed and crew worked Blue MEsa and were rewared with sore arms. over 40 brown trout caught, a cutthroat and some bicatch. These boys fish for 6 hours with sun and NO wind. What a day, the fish are there, you just have get off the couch to catch!

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado

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Colorado fishing report for brown and rainbow trout on the colorado river

Wed, 12/01/2010
Powell-On Hunting for Crappie Walleye and Striper Bass Trolling.

We've been killing time waiting for Ice and Made a Powell Run. We had one red hot day of striper trolling and one red hot day of Crappie fishing. 21 stripes, 11 craps up to 13.5 inches. Not great, but the t-shirt weather rocked.

Kokanee Salmon Lake Trout Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Blue Mesa Reservoir Colorado

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