Fishing Reports August 2011

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Mon, 08/22/2011

Well, to continue: to jig salmon is to vertically jig over top of a school of tightly packed salmon deep over suspended water. If you don't see the fish on your new electronics (2k or more should have been the budget) you will not catch. Not all schools will bite and sometimes you must employ different techniques to get the school to heat up- but, what comes (heats) up must come down- it won't last forever. Kokes are kind of smart and catch on quickly. If you see a group of boats pulling fish, go to the side of the mass that has the most hookups. The school will move and one side of the fleet will be in it by luck. Again, find your own school and have it all to yourself. Be ready to change depths and colors of lures, and don't forget to tip to c/h. A change up can make the difference- as always. Kokes will move all over a basin as the season progresses. Full moon and overcast skies will make the fish move to the river faster- you don't have a chance. Look for the next school staging, the spots are usually pretty consistent. *#&creek ealry and I*#&#*#(@s late.... did I spell that correctly? You'll find that in the book. It's on though, so take a healthy number of fish and laugh at the trollers as your rod bends straight down for a change!

Getting it together

Sat, 08/20/2011

Well, jigging season is off and running so buy every crippled herring on the rack before your buddy does- remember, the weird colors work well. Easiest way to find fish; look for the pile of boats and go shark it up. It works, and you can fill your cooler. The best way to find fish is to look for them yourself. You're going to need a quality fish finder that's color and has gps. If you fish regulary and have crappy electronics, do all of us a favor and get some good stuff. This will turn you into a leader instead of a follower and will put yourself on more fish, consistently. There are many many pods of salmon around and you do a diservice by hammering the 3 or 4 that have been found- find your own, and have all the fish you want while sharks are eating sharks.
One of the most reputable guide services from my home are on the Atlantic Ocean are trendsetters in this way of fishing. They don't follow, they lead and they work with a few other leaders to crush fish regulary. Check these reports out while we get out sh*& together.-- And by the way, go catching!

Sick Fishing Reports

We're Back

Tue, 08/16/2011

Stay tuned for some sick Sh*#!

Location, location, location

Mon, 08/01/2011

Where the fish are is where you are catching them. Killing yourself hearing reports of other guys killing will not help your focus and you're success. You have to roll the dice based on current reports, historical data, and confidence. If the fish have left lake fork and there 200 boats in Stevens, think about the wise choice other than fishing a memory of catching at Lake Fork when there was one around. So, location is based on what you know and what others know. Example, I'll follow schools of salmon through out the lake. But I'll also take reports from the old timers that go to the same spot every year, for ever, that always catch with the same thing. Now what you don't hear about is what they had to do to make the bite. It could have been scent, change in speed, trolling direction or leader size. All you will hear is, "we killed 'em!" So keep this in mind.
I usually start with the seasonal movement starting after ice out. ( If you ice fish, you will see schools move through- a no brainer for location. So, early season salmon can be anywhere, most of the time shallow. This means fishing baits far behind the boat and slow. The water is cold, *slow and wobbly. The fish will move with water temps toward the food source; plankton. Part 1 of 3- working 2 of 3 now

morrow point

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