Fishing Reports January 2011

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Full Moon Fever

Sat, 01/29/2011
Picky Perch

Hi Casey, I took Kyle Pimentel (one of our Basalt firefighters) with me
today to introduce him to Rifle perch. The bite was non existant until
10:30 AM and then picked up as a very light bite. With a small white jig
and a perch eye we were able to coax 40 fish to bite. We kept 35 that you
see in the photo. I think we are just starting to shake off the full moon
lull that has had fisherman perplexed for the last few days. More tomorrow.

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The Fishing is Good!

Fri, 01/21/2011
Rifle and Harvey Fishing Well

A few reports from fellow anglers and friends are saying the gaps are doing well. The full moon has the fish very tempermental so be ready change up and move. On periods like the full moon you want to have every edge you can get. Get up early, work your best spots, and be ready to change baits- good luck and have a good weekend!

Harvey Gap Colorado

Tue, 01/18/2011
Back to the Gap

Went back Pikin' at Harvey Gap to find some new spots that aren't too pressured. Went across the lake and hit 3, lost 1. 20", 21", 23"- No pics because my camera fell in the lake 10 days ago and the new one hasn't showed up-- wah wah! 20 guys on the lake- I didn't get any reports.- I should have a Rifle report later- but who cares, ya know they're biting over there!

Ice Fishing Report

Tue, 01/18/2011
Re- Perch

From John Young:

Another good day at the office. 50 caught, 43 kept, most over ten inches with five over eleven! Had to keep changing up because they would hit then quit what was offered. I started at 42 feet and finished at 51
1/2 feet. The big ones seem to like it deep. JY

ice fishing for yellow perch

Rifle Gap Ice Fishing

Mon, 01/17/2011
Slow but Steady

Had the Pacotti men out today and we 'saw' a ton fish, and caught a bunch. 31 landed up to 10.5" The fish were very finicky and spread out so we worked it and had a great time. The fish were hitting white jigs with maggots and wax worms with a slow and low presentation. Talked to a few other guides and fisherman last night and everyone said it was slower than usual. Weather maybe- who knows but we weren't thinking about how it could have been from the couch- we Fished!! Thanks guys, great trip!

Ice Colorado fishing guide Rifle Gap

Tough Bite, Tougher Fishermen!

Sun, 01/16/2011

Report from Chris, Amber and Mom!
Fishing was slow very slow no one around us was having any luck either then I got your email telling us where to fish :) We moved and with in minutes we landed what we wanted to catch :) Thank you so much captain Casey your advice is much appreciated again Thank You :)

Pike at Harvey Gap

Colorado Fishing at it's Finest!

Fri, 01/14/2011
Church or Perch : Rifle Gap

I had a special outing with Blue Mesa Reservoir sharpie Turnipseed at Rifle Gap today and the fish Gods had mercy- 89 perch in just over 3 hours. That's a fish every 2 minutes and 2 seconds but.... that doesn't account for the lost fish. This was just another classice 'bottom basin' spot that had fish all over it. The biggest was 11" and 75% were 9.5" or better. What a day- pics will be up tonight!

Yesterday's report- Harvey Gap : Pike Slow Down- pressure got the pike and 3 guys including me sucked it up! I had one run off and one 18"-er Good news is it's time to try new spots and move around- do the same!

Harvey Spank

Fri, 01/14/2011
70 Perch Pile Up

John Young Fishing Report:
We were fishing at Harvey today and it was great as long as we worked it. The bite stopped at 10:00AM so we had to change tactics. First we went small which extended the bite, then we had to go to a small trailer underneath a Kastmaster with a wax worm to hook the finicky fish.
By the way, my wife is Linda Vieira, (the lady in the photo). Tally for the day, 67 perch, 2 bluegills, 1 21 ¾ inch pike, = 70 fish. JY

Perch Colorado Fishing

Perch Pics from Friday

Fri, 01/14/2011
Percg Church: Rifle Gap

Perch pics with Turnipseed

Blue Mesa Ice Fishing
Colorado Fishing

Ice Fishing on Rigle Gap State Park

Wed, 01/12/2011
Perch Destruction

I was prefishing some spots for a trip this weekend and found perch. The approach was the same- bottom of the basin around 48ft. Every Perch was 10.5 min and 11.5 max- I actually left them biting early to keep fish in the area for the trip. Rifle is as packed with perch as Harvey- you just have to get the underwater topography correct. The 2005 In Fisherman Ice Fishing Issue explains Perch habitat in depth and accounts for all my knowledge. Rifle is truly amazing for good perch- WE will see jalopys by the weekend!
I have a temp camera for tomorrow- Pike session for 50 inchers!

Rifle Gap Slap!

Tue, 01/11/2011
Bottom Basin Browns

Went on the hunt today with John Young and we went in search of Jalopy Perch. We Started mid lake and just freestyled throughout the day. We ended up with about 40 perch- 10.5" being the largest and most consistent size- no jalops. I did stumble upon some browns hanging on the bottom of the lake almost 50feet down- 19",18",17" and missed 3. Not bad- we'll try to pattern up- Will fish Rifle Gap State Park again tomorrow.
The camera is broken and I'm waiting on the replacement- no pic today!

Colorado Ice Fishing for Perch

Sat, 01/08/2011
Perch Spank

Report from angler in crime John Young: Perch fishing was great, 53 perch with my wife and her friend, (who hadn’t been fishing before), doing very well. Bite slowed down at 10am but when I switched to my “pan fish pirate” they attacked again. Linda caught a 11 ¾ inch perch just missing trophy status. The pirate attracted bigger fish as well as the little guys. No pike, there were probably 20 or more sets in our usual area and I only saw two taken, one about 30 inches.

The lake is hot, if you're not killing, change it up, move 10 feet. There are no shortage of perch in Harvey!

We'll be at Rifle on Tues for a report!

Colorado Ice Fishing for Pike

Thu, 01/06/2011
Slab of Pike

36" Pike caught today at Harvey. Dropped the camera down the hole right after the footage- fished it out with a salmo chubby darter and an aqua-ve. Slow in general with perch being finicky. Rifle is fishable with many anglers out today- Get a job!- if ya do, give me a call!
Good luck out there

colorado ice

Average Day Colorado Ice Fishing

Wed, 01/05/2011
Perch and Pike

Pike hot and quit early and perch we in every hole in 30fow. Fishing is steady. I will be heading over to Rifle Gap this weekend so if you're coming, shoot me an email.


Rifle Gap Colorado Ice Fishing Update

Sun, 01/02/2011
Rifle Gap Capped, Harvey too!

Rifle is capped with a few brave souls fishing the boat ramp. Harvey is game on with all areas frozen and fishable- 30 vehicles there today and it looked busy. I didn't fish but plan to tomorrow- I guess all lakes will shape up this week so stop reading my reports and make your own!- If you fish Harvey or Rifle, send me a report with pics- I'll put ya up!

Colorado Ice fishing report

Happy New Year Colorado Fishing Community

Sat, 01/01/2011
New Year, No Fish

As I sit in my house working away on the never ending task of building a website I'm really just wondering why I'm not fishing. Well, yesterday sucked with one good pike run-off. I got to lake at 6am to try to extend the calander event fishing day that happened on Thursday- but no dice. The weather was cold, sunny and clear- not the blizzar with 20mph winds that rocked the bite the day before....- so no extension was given.
So, I'm relaxing, scaping the ice chunks off the tent and getting ready for the ice season to really kick off. Turnipseed ended his Blue Mesa spankfest this week because of having to break ice to get back to the boat ramp- so good ice is coming. The Rifle Tourney got cancelled just as the ice begins to set up and will in no doubt be perfect for fishing by original scheduled date. So push the limits and get ready to freeze, and catch! Talk soon.

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