Fishing Reports February 2011

Can't Find Any Ice!!

Thu, 02/17/2011
No Ice in Hawaii!

Hey folks, I hope the winter is being good to you because I don't want to know! Anyway, taking a break in Hawaii, and it rocks. Ice fishing guide trips will continue on Blue Mesa Reservoir only, so keep that in mind when booking a trip from now until to March 6th!! Catch 'em up!
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diamond head

Perch it Up

Sun, 02/13/2011
Working Perchin'

We had the Henzen family out today for a shot at jalopy perch. We had plenty of lookers and many biters but the hogs didn't come to feed. The fish were finicky for most of the day and we worked well for 26- with 2 hogs broke off. Great trip, good fish!

Colorado Ice Fishing Rifle
Ice Fishing Colorado Rifle

Rifle Gap

Sun, 02/13/2011
Tough Bite

Hi Casey, Sunday was slow for us, while there was a little bite when we got there the group wanted to move to where there was a chance to get trout. I moved us over by the island with no success and we moved off the perch as well. After an on ice lunch of burgers and hot dogs we left for the day. Final tally was only 10 perch amongst the 4 of us. My advice is if you find the perch stay with them. JY

Rifle Gap State Park

Sat, 02/12/2011
Picky Perch

Fished Rifle with Angler John Young and the fish were there. They were very finicky and we worked hard for 27, but it was a good trip. Chartruese was the color with assorted grubs.

Rifle Gap Ice Fishing
Rifle Gap Yellow Perch

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Wed, 02/02/2011
Blue Mesa Ice Fishing Report

Ice is great from Lake City to the power lines- you're on your own after that. I'm taking a break until Blue totally freezes!- should be soon. Ice tourney up there this weekend - last minute I guess- 100.00 for a 2 man team- try it! Here's some vids- talk soon!

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