September 2010 Archive

Welcome back folks! It's been a few months of fishing for fun around the East Coast and Lake Powell and the Colorado River! We're back though and gearing up for ice fishing on the Western Slope. is almost finished and will follow the hard water season to ice out. We will be focusing on Rifle and Harvey Gap for jalopy perch and mix it in with Lakers at Blue Mesa Reservoir and MAYBE Granby! Alot of changes coming up and picks from the last three months coming- stick with us!

September 11th It's Over!

Howdy folks and welcome to the end of Bluemesafishing's season at Blue Mesa. Captain Dave will be staying to do trolling trips for smaller salmon and all trout species- so if you want a taste of the mixed bag-call us.
The kokes left us about two weeks earlier than last year and this weekends clients are still crying about it- me too! Anyway, the good news is that it was a hell of a kokanee season with records being broken weekly! I'm not complaining about anything other than the frost this morning and packin it in early- but, thanks to all the clients that made it happen for us this year and we hope your fishing experience was awesome. Also thank you to the loyal folks that check the site- benefits are coming for you! The mighty Blue demands respect and if you got served this year- join the club and keep at it! So it's quiet time for us for awhile until the ice comes- then we will begin trophy perch season at Rifle Gap. You can learn how to ice fish as well as catch jalopy 14" perch and learn the tricks and licks it takes to get 'em. Stay tuned for updates and changes to the website. See ya soon!

September 10th Tiny but Mighty!

Did the last trip of the season today with the Bob and Karen Fischer and had a blast. We pulled out the downriggers due to popular demand and the kokes responded. Lake fork gave it up with 2yrs mainly and a few large fish mixed in- slammin arnies and assasins and made for a great last day. Kept 15 released 5 and lost 12- whatever. It was a nice end and the future looks great for kokes- they are stacked at Lake Fork. Great work from my last crew and they really made a memorable trip and didn't lose TOO many fish at the boat............ Koke fishing at it's finest- pics coming this weekend.

September 9th 3:1 Yeah!

3 hours of fishing and 1 one fish caught, then another 3 hours and 1 caught. Pretty slow and not enough to book a trip! Wah wah Wah Wah Wah. Call me when the ice is off!!!- We'll be trippin' tomorrow (downriggers are back on the boat)

September 7-8th More of the Same!

Still no fish- there are alot in the river though.

September 6th Blow Out!

The wind blows and blows and is still blowing- I know because I'm sitting in bed watching it white cap the lake. Prolly won't fish- stand by.

September 5th Busted!

The bottom fell out today as the fish gods laughed and the west winds salted the wounds. Eager holiday ramblers, including the entire fishing community got served on the salmon grounds with high hook being 1- for us we didn't even drop a line. 20-25 knot winds finished off the day and we headed for the marina at 12pm. The bomb squad did put together another famous crawfish boil and that made the day. What will happen next................ stay tuned.

September 4th Pickin!

Biomass reduction makes the tears fall on the ss stink ship- but it was a day off of the Ms, Captain Dave and Clown Town. Associated clowns found a few fish and we nailed 4 and called it- not alot of fish around but that could change in a day!

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

September 3rd Not Bad!

The Maloney crew came out today and we caught. The biomass thinned out abit but a few great sessions came together and we put 17 in the box and fed a whole bunch. Great fishing great crew- thanks guys, it was a pleasure.

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

September 2nd Slay Day!

We had the Trottier party out today and slayed. It was non-stop from 8:30 to 11:30 and we left 'em biting!!!!!!! 52 landed which 20 were released. It's really good now!!


Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

September 1st Bangin!

Went today with the Laird Party today and went home early- because we limited out. 33 landed, 4 released. It was just red hot. SFC did 61 and Captain Dave and clown town did 13. Another great day on a great lake in Colorado...... the end is near!

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

Kokanee Salmon Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Kokanee

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