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blue mesa Fishing Report Live Fishing Report Blue Mesa

July 31st 2009

Fish On We had a heck of a party party out today and the fish cooperated! Rich, Nick, Jodi and Frank worked hard and the rewards were sweet! There were fish everywhere with only a few biting but we got 'em and bagged 'em! Numbers were down but pounds were up and some doggs were hauled. The fillet station was busy and many anglers were happy- do you want to be happy? GO FISHING!!!!!! Blue Mesa Kokanee<br />
Kokanee salmon fishing guide<br />
Blue Mesa Resevoir Kokanee fishing<br />
Blue Mesa Resevoir Kokanee fishing<br />
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July30thth 2009

Lip Rippin' We had the Fahey party out today and got into 'em. Plenty of kokes in the boat and plenty lost. The bite is still great and we expect this pattern to keep on going! There were plenty of fish at the fillet station today as well! Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

July27th 2009

Summer Biting, some are not! The bite has been hot and cold with fish on hot one day and cold the next. If you see twenty boats, hit and move on before 8am, find an unmolested school- just keep looking for happy ones.

July24th 2009

Picky Pick The Lopez family came out today and worked through the rain to nail some kokes. The bite slowed a little for us with four in the boat, a few missed and few more hits. High hook at the cleaning station was 8 and almost everyone touched fish. The early bite is on in Lake Fork and getting tough after 9. The Iola bite seems to be a bit longer with fish biting until dark- friends Rich, Jodi and I went out for a sunset cruise and nailed 3 in about an hour- the fish are here, just keep looking for happy ones. Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

Friday July 23rd 2009

Kokanee Krush! We had two parties out today and everybody caught fish. Kokes were stacked on the graph and willing to bite. We started in Lake Fork and finished in Iola with 4 year olds coming over the rails all day! The bite is on and we're here to get a piece- come get yours, the fish will abide! Good work Crystal on landing your first kokes, and the Fenns pulled their weight in fish all morning! FISH ON- GET TO THE BLUE NOW! Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009<

Thursday July 23 th 2009

Fast and Early The bite is on all over the lake for the right fisherman with the right baits. We were hitting good kokes along with the fleet following around the school. Get here now! Sunday, April 18, 2009

Thursday July 23 th 2009

Fast and Early The word had been crazy at Lake Fork with limits being bailed for the last two days. We showed up today to scout the grounds and we were into fish right away. The graph was filled for most of the morning and ended around 10:30- and then had us chasin them. It wasn't like it the last two days but Adam from Lake Fork Resort and I, Robby and a few sharpies nailed some nice 4 year olds and called it quits- get out here now! Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009 Weekend wrap up July 17-20th 2009 Found 'Em, Nailed 'em We had a few parties out to fish Blue Mesa Reservoir this weekend and the word was slow! Three days searching and only a few fish per session to show for it. Fares were eager to catch with fish all over the screen but we just couldn't get them to bite- so on Sunday, the lady and I along with a few sharpies went out for a morning session for fun and it busted wide open! Boats were hooking up everywhere and we into fish one after the other for hours. Limits were filled and limits lost as fish hammered spinners in Iola and ripped drag until the end- no babying the fight! It was great and Blue Mesa Fishing expects this trend to last into Jigging season- hot and heavy! Local sharpies have been pullin fish right in Sapinero basin- 14 to 25 fish a day with others doing 10 in the boat and many lost! Many of these veteran fisherman have the right color which is a known killer for decades and are shutting out these new baits- so don't pass up the old adages! Anyway, the fishing is on for our boat- if you want to catch trophy salmon- book now because the bite is on and spaces are filling up! FISH ON- GET TO THE BLUE NOW! Here's a few of the fish we bailed on Sunday- it was getting too hot to fillet the rest of 'em in sun!! Sunday, April 18, 2009 >Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

Wed July 15th 2009

Happy Fish Working Fisherman We talked to a bunch of hardcores and sharpies around Lake Fork yesterday and the word was the same- a few fish, but real nice ones. The bite was early- the Chapman party and I touched 4, landed one and stared at 100's of fish on the graph. The fleet collectively left the lake at 10:30am. The evening bite seems to be alittle better so we'll keep giving them hell until we limit out! There's alot of work being done out there for fish- it ain't easy, but each fish is a reward right now- so keep at it!

Sunday July 12th 2009

Pickin' One guy in Lake Fork, one guy at Elk Creek- pickin! Have heard some good reports of limits taken yesterday and a few guys with 5 and 6- Good work- If you find a school- keep working! Tons of fish out there- the ones we were working just looked and laughed! Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

Saturday July 11th 2009

Fast and Early We had the The Polson party out today and found 'em real early and then nothing! This seems to be the trend right now. We got into all four year olds this moring losing 7 fish and landing about as many. They were hot then cold and then had us chasin them for hours. The good news is we're going to keep at 'em until we find the wide open bite- Green arnie's, dark bantam syclops, and RMT squids shared the action with no wild card baits pulling!- Pics will be up shortly Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

Friday July 10th 2009

Lookin Fishy We did a quick a troll to the cove tonight at Lake Fork and saw tons of fish. We hooked up right away with two really nice kokes and headed for the barn. The weather is perfect and there are literally fish covering up the screen. Come to Sap and start fishing! Sunday, April 18, 2009

Thursday July 9th 2009

How 'bout some Mo'kanee The word is still slow around the lake with fish being available to catch, but in small windows. So keep pushing your best stuff, start moving deeper, and start in the dark- give yourself time to put a pattern together.

Monday, Tuesday July 6,7th 2009

Slow to No-Kanee The bite screached to a hault for Blue Mesa Fishing as Monday and Tuesday's trips picked into low the lowest numbers in awhile. The full moon may have had an effect as well as the dropping water in the lake. We had the Boogh and Randal parties out today and landed a few with much effort and lost a bunch along with short-strikers all morning. One boat reported twenty fish caught but I believe these sharpies were fishing under the moon light- good work guys. As for the rest of us at Lake Fork many anglers report 0-3 kokes with everyone scratching their heads. We're going to take a break and let the moon wane a bit and we'll be back at it on Friday. Good luck and we'll post some pics from today soon! Sunday, April 18, 2009

Sunday July 5th 2009

More of the Same We traveled to Iola today to chase more and bigger fish and ended with more of the same. I fished with Crazy Dave on his new boat and we landed 6 lost 3 and called it a day early. The cleaning station revealed the same with 1 and 2 fish and couple more here and there. The good news is fish are being caught every day. We'll head out tonight and update tomarrow. Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

Saturday July 4th 2009

Nice Fish Just back from Lake Fork Basin the word is the same- a decent pic. The quality of fish being caught are all 4 year olds, but we're still waiting on the numbers to show up. We had the Kirkman men out today and worked hard for some beautiful fish. We landed 7 and lost as many and threw a few browns and a laker back. Everyone seemed to have a few fish in the cooler, some more than others. Tomarrow we will move to new location and seek out numbers- keep ya posted. Sunday, April 18, 2009Sunday, April 18, 2009

Friday July 3th 2009

Fish - On The word is fish on! Lots of good fish were caught today on the Lake Fork Arm. Numbers were lower than usual but pounds are up! Everyone are catching a few fish so that means when you catch a fish- do more of the same thing! So fish are here- ***********pink e-chips are catching************

Thursday July 2th 2009

Ready for Battle Just got a report from the lake- more of same. So the good news is you WILL catch salmon if try really hard! Local angler landed 4 lost 6.- That's a limit! So- this is what you do- commit to kokanee- I don't want see any rapalas, powerbait or deep downrigging for lakers- KOKE baits only. Figure on 8 hours of hard trolling- new spots, varying speeds, and angle approaches- look for clean water, structure near the river channel and troll multiple depths. The only way to catch is to fish!! If you want to book a trip- do it now! We are booking up fast everyday- thank you customers! We have been leaving anglers with more fish than they can handle so if you want to take only 1 trip- you will learn what you need to know to catch for the rest of the season- again, thank you! Get ready to fish and every fish will be earned- remember, these are kokanee salmon, trophy game fish, just because you don't bail 'em, don't mean they ain't laughing at your presentation!!!!!!! June has been archived so click below to check out your trip and pics!

Lake kokanee salmon fishing Colorado<br />


Wednesday July 1st 2009

June Overview June was a tough month for Kokanee in large reservoirs. The water in our Western region has risen and continue to, pushing lake levels to their maximum capacities. This has made fishing tough, but rewarding. After talking to expert Blue Mesa guide Robby Richardson and Kokanee pro Jared Johnson, innovator of Rocky Mountain Tackle sold at Rockymountaintackle.com, we all had the same experience in June. People are catching fewer fish, bigger fish and are working harder for them. The water is high, the water column is not stratified, there is tons of debris, and you can bet the water is rich with food. The fish are there! Flaming Gorge and Blue Mesa have fish everywhere, so don't for a minute think they aren't paved underneath of you. We just have to work harder and change it up. For Blue, the water as of yesterday spiked to 68 degrees which should concentrate the kokanee at whatever depth they choose, instead of being everywhere. Our last 3 trips we have caught nice 4 years olds from 0 feet to 60 feet everyday! The bite has been the same from Lake Fork to Lake city bridge. So I'm hoping for this hot weather to remain, and I believe, it will bust wide open in short bursts sooner than later. This weekend should be a great start. The fish should move deeper and the boat traffic won't bother them as much. So, for July, plan to fish deeper, longer, and change your colors often. Don't leave fish to find fish either. If you catch one, stay at it, varying speeds and angle of approach. The fish will abide. Second order of business; as owner and captain of Blue Mesa Fishing, I don't claim to be the best at kokanee fishing or an authority- some days I get my butt kicked by other guys!. I do spend a ton of time fishing a four spread at varying depths with all different baits all the time and talk about it. I can tell you what they're biting on, where and when. If you follow my reports and see the yellow boat and can get in to fish, or just keep doing what you're doing- persistence does pay off. But I am now offering a subscription to acutal baits, locations and depths. For the rest of the year, this will be 15.00 per email address this year for kokanee fishing. Here is a sample of what you would get: Rocky Mountain tackle 4.25" Nickel Glow Crush dodger with Rocky Mountain Tackle UV Pearlescent squid, trolled at 15 FOW in front of Lake Fork bridge, 4:30am to 6:30 am, then go to pink colors.

Kokanee salmon and lake trout fishing<br />
Kokanee salmon fishing guide<br />

  Captain's Log Fish - On Hey Folks, a quick summary from the captain here. This is Blue Mesa Fishing's current fishing report on the Blue Mesa. We lake fish from Lake Fork Marina in Gunnison, Colorado to Elk Creek Marina near Lake City Colorado for trout, Lake Trout, and Salmon. We do trolling, fly fishing, jigging and whatever else they want us to do. When on a guided fishing trip we will be boating around all parts of the lake in search of trophy fish as they progress through peak seasonal movements in the wild waters of Blue Mesa and the Gunnison River. We only use top notch fishing rods, reels and tackle aboard on our guided fishing trips and you can expect the best service and a great time- try one our trips and enjoy some of the most exciting froms of Colorado fishing on Colorado's largest reservoir for trophy fish!

Captains’ Log
Hey Folks, this is Captain Casey, owner and head guide of Blue Mesa Fishing. We love fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir and do it with a passion to catch more and bigger fish and give clients a memorable guided fishing experience on every trip. Here at Blue Mesa Fishing we do many kinds of guided fishing trips from Lake Trout fishing during ice out in the spring, to kokanee salmon trolling in the summer and jigging in the fall. After the kokanee salmon leave the lake, we focus on fly fishing the secluded waters of the Lake Fork arm of the Gunnison River and Cebolla Creek. We also offer guided ice fishing trips from Blue Mesa Reservoir to Rifle Gap State Park in Western Colorado. Here at Blue Mesa Fishing, we try to catch throughout the entire year and offer a variety of ways to do it. If you’re interested in a trip, look through any of our packages, or just read through our site to learn how you can catch more and bigger fish in Colorado. Thanks again for checking us out and visit our three new sites -bluemesaflyfishing.com bluemesaicefishing.com and bluemesareservoircolorado.com
Fish On!!!!

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