About our Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Trips for Kokanee Salmon, Lake Trout, Ice Fishing and Fly Fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir In Western Colorado!


Lake Trout

Kokanee Salmon are one Colorado's most sought after, and most elusive fish. Blue Mesa Reservoir is where you can catch the biggest salmon in great numbers. Blue Mesa is where it's at! Kokanee Salmon are incredible table fair and pound for pound, Kokanee Salmon deliver the most exciting fight. Kokanee salmon spend an average of 3-4 years feeding in the open waters of Blue Mesa Reservoir until they reach maturity and head up the Gunnison River to spawn. Most fish are heading right back to the Roaring Judy hatchery where they were hatched by strange state workers. They are un-naturally milked of eggs. THese eggs are used to artificially hatch baby salmon, and then to sell to other lakes in Colorado with out any return contribution to the lake. Thanks guys! Anyway, during the early Spring until August, we catch kokanee salmon by Trolling with downriggers and lead core fishing line at varying depths, looking for large schools and offering lures with an array of colors and sizes, until we find the combination that triggers a strike. A great day of kokanee fishing is a 30+ fish day with many lost during the fight or at the boat. Once kokanee salmon see the boat they tend fight voraciously for one last chance to swim away to freedom. An average day is around 20 fish and we allow each angler to keep their daily bag limit of fish, and enjoy eating some of Colorado's largest kokanee salmon population. The kokanee salmon fishery is strong at Blue Mesa due to the plankton population and cold water. Once anglers are picked up at Elk Creek or Lake Fork marina, trolling will begin immediately with some assistance needed from you! As fish strike the baits you will grab the rod with the fish on and begin your battle!


Lake Trout

***The magic begins in the summer, when kokanee salmon slow down the summer feeding pattern begin to gather in huge numbers deep in the lake. If the opinion of the Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Network; this is the most exciting peak seasonal fishing activity in Colorado. We fish for trophy sized kokanee up to 5lbs and enjoy the most strenuous battle from the depths below. This the most desired time to catch kokanee salmon because the fish are agressive and with the catch rates reaching 50 fish per Fishing Boat! Again, anglers and fisherman will be able to keep thier legal daily bag limits of 10 kokanee salmon. Anglers can expect to travel by boat to the fishing grounds and wait while the fishing guide searches for schools of trophy kokanee salmon. This can take time as the season gets later, although sometimes the schools of fish are located in minutes. Once the fish are located the captain will give the command and you will begin fishing by dropping your lures into the schools of salmon. This is as close to the fish as we can get- then it's up to you to trigger the strike!


Lake Trout

To catch lake trout we always have to employ a number of skilled fishing methods. These fishing methods come down to three main categories. The first is to troll big lures, tempting big Lake Trout hunting for prey fish throughout the lake. We try to match the hatch and get a strike. The second is to deep troll lures along classic lake features and attract fish searching in the open water for food. These kind of strikes can be hard and fast and challenge an angler to a long fight. The third fishing method is to jig for lake trout. Lake trout can be almost anywhere in the column throughout the year and finding them is difficult, but rewarding. We will drop jigs near the fish and try to gain thier interest with subtle but tactful moves. During the use of any of these tactics you can expect to have to wait for the captain to locate the fish. When fish are located, some will strike immediately and others will scrutinize our offerings , while other lake troutjust slink away into the depths of the lake. A great day is catching a few large, trophy size fish that you can take your picture with, then we will carefully release all lakers over 30 inches back into Blue Mesa Reservoir


Lake Trout

Rainbow and Brown Trout live throughout Blue Mesa Reservoir in huge numbers. The trout travel from the Gunnison river into the lake and back all the time. These fish are used to a natural habitat and feeding patterns and require a skilled approach and presentation to catch them. Trout can be caught in boats while fishing for kokanee and lakers, or targeted all by themselves. Trolling, casting and jigging from boats are very productive ways to catch all trout species. We also can travel up the many lake arms of Blue Mesa and shallow water drift for all species of trout. You can choose a Guide Trip without a boat, or along the Gunnison river where you will have a chance at catching browns and rainbows anywhere from 1 pound to 8 lbs and the occasional trophy. Trophy trout live all throughout the Gunnison River and the many lake arms which receive less pressure than many other parts of the Lake and Gunnison river These fish are less scrutinizing of well presented baits and are easier to catch. At times you will find yourself chasing a hooked fish down the bank as they struggle to shake your hook free!


Ice Fishing for trout, perch, pike, crappie and kokanee salmon

Ice Fishing! Action can be hot and heavy early in the morning as fish see the first light and chase down baits feeding on plankton. The eating quality of all fish through the ice becomes so much better with the lowered water temperature. The meat is more firm and the water is better. Brown trout, rainbow trout and kokanee salmoncan be caught lake wide in Blue Mesa Reservoir as well as lake trout. Harvey ad Rifle Gap offer large numbers of perch and crappie and trophy pike. The dedicated ice fisherman of Blue Mesa reservoir share alot of knowledge and information that allows us to put you on the fish. Anglers can expect to meet as early as they can wake up and will walk out, or take snowmobiles to fishing hot spots. you will have the option of fising in an ice fishing tent with a heater, or just sit outside and enjoy the cool crisp mornings. Electronics will be provided to enhance your ice fishing experience and increase the number of accurate hook sets. You've got to try this- you'll be hooked after the first bite!

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