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2013 Where to go fishing on Blue Mesa Reservoir Book

It's been a long hiccup for this project but be excited to know we are half way though this short read of how, when, where and why: Fishing Blue Mesa Reservoir! This will be a short 50 page read available for download online and will unlock many question marks in your spread and talk about the peak seasonal fish movements that occur on Blue Mesa Reservoir. Many of you are already equipped with enough knowledge and information to catch consistently on Blue Mesa. There are others that wouldn't mind cutting down on the expense of the learning curve and will benefit from this book. Realize that since I landed in Colorado, I have spent approximately 100k dollars to learn how to catch fish in Colorado. This includes the Boat, truck, gas, tackle, lodging and other incidentals required for fishing trips. The price of the E-book will be only a fraction!

Our book will unlock the mysteries of this lake which has such little information published about it. Be ready to learn seasonal locations, presentations, colors and pattern. The ebook is expected to be released by March available online for a quick, easy and safe download. The book will be available for purchase at this page with complete checkout available.
Contents will be in-depth and extensive information from my guiding experience as well as the many skilled anglers who've fished the lake for over 30 years. Want to get your price per pound down? We can help! We do this by factoring in your expenses and waging them against the pounds of fish you catch.( pounds of fish vs dollar investment from leaving the house, getting to the lake, and getting home.)
Thank you for staying with our Network through the years and we hope to help you by giving back as much information as possible to help you catch more fish, on your schedule and budget!

Blue Mesa Fishing Guide Services